Forest school and where on earth I have been for the last few months…

It has been rather a long time since I last wrote anything about my adventures with A so I have decided it’s high time to let you all know what’s been going on and also tell you about one of the activities A and I go to each week.

Where have you been?

Well that’s a simple one: we moved. All the way from London to Yorkshire and a small market town called Malton where I grew up and went to school. We have lovely things here that we could never hope to get in London like a garden, countryside and a rent we can actually afford! But more on all of that another time. Today I want to talk to you about…

Forest School!

Forest school, or as its officially known Little Woodland Explorers is outdoor, toddler-focused learning based on the Montessori model and run by a teacher from Malton Montessori School. We have been going for a few weeks now and, safe to say, A loves it!

A playing with ribbons at forest school

Forest school fits really well with what I was trying to do with A back when we were in London – getting outdoors as much as possible and being more relaxed about her playing in mud, getting cold, getting slightly hurt etc etc.

It also helps A improve her motor skills in a natural environment, seeing the world around her as something she can access and play with. It gives her more opportunities to socialise (and boy does she like to chat now!) as well as letting me meet other people, out in the fresh air.

A loves messy play and finds being outdoors really exciting. Every time the wind blows in her face she gives me a big grin and says “windy!” (and yes I mean every time, every single time…)

We have a little full cover waterproof for her but so far we haven’t needed it for forest school, I just wash her clothes anyway so a little mud for the rest of the day isn’t such a big deal.

A in her full body waterproof. Playing with some forest nins.

Little Woodland Explores is not cheep (or perhaps it is and I am just used to Islington where everything we went to was run by the council and free) at £5 per session if you book two or more but you do get some good chat and a nice hot chocolate and the chance to play out in a woodland safe in the knowledge that there are other parents there who are just as sleep deprived, toddler weary or generally needing adult conversation. It’s held in the lovely castle gardens in Malton every Wednesday and we have not had a bad session yet!


Well that’s it for this one. I will hopefully be posting more often telling you all about what we are getting up to and life up North. In the meantime, what have you guys been doing outdoors with your little ones?

One thought on “Forest school and where on earth I have been for the last few months…

  1. I had the honour of being invited to accompany J and A to forest school a few weeks ago . My first time as a gran there and it was a great experience. Really well planned, thought about and welcoming on the part of the leader. And sooo refreshing to find educational play that’s not based on a ton of plastic toys,, but on stuff that anyone with a tiny bit of imagination , can find for free , outside their back door if they have a garden, or in the local pak or woods. V humbling really. Good luck to Jand the 2 As on their move from London and on their Yorkshire adventures.


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