Play time – Come outside

Well this sure has been a funny week. A is growing up before our eyes and has made some huge leaps since turning 10 months, not least in sleep which I wrote about earlier in the week. Along with this new napping has come new games, movement and noises. So with that in mind I thought I would do a series of posts all about the different types of playing that A does.

With the lovely weather we have had recently I thought the first post in the play series could be about heading outside to play. A and I have been outside a lot recently enjoying Islington’s many parks. Its always the case with nice weather in Britain, you have to make full use of it whilst it lasts.


We are very lucky to have Paradise park only a stones throw away so this was the first place A and I headed when thinking of spending a morning outside. Thoroughly sun-creamed (with our ginger people’s essential factor 50) up we set out at about 9 am with a picnic blanket, changing bag, snacks and of course some toys.

10 month old baby in park with maraca in the sunshine
A looking out over Paradise Park at 9am maraca in hand

When we arrived on that first day at the park A spent a good long time looking all around her. The birds flying in the sky, the wind rustling the trees, appreciating (but not exactly loving) the wetness of the dew on the grass, seeing dogs being walked (she loves watching dogs and she was lucky enough this time to meet a lovely dog who came to say hello and A was brave enough after a few minutes to crawl over and stroke him) and lastly A watched children playing (another of her all time favourite things to do).

For the first outing I took a range of toys and snacks, not knowing how long I could make this last for and wanting to enjoy the sunshine as much as I could. I brought some of her favourites from the flat so that she would know how she plays with them in the new setting in case she was feeling uneasy about being outside. (In the end I needn’t have worried she loved it!) It important for me that despite living in the centre of a city and being pale ginger type people that A and I get outdoors as much as we can, soak up some vitamin D and feel the wind in our hair.

10 month old baby on swings in Paradise Park
A enjoying the swings

We capped off our first trip with a go on the swings and I had a chat to a gran and granddad who where taking their grand-toddler to nursery. They were from Yorkshire too, and in fact the same but I am from so we had a good chat about that (its a small world).


The next time we had the opportunity to head outside was Saturday so we had the pleasurable accompaniment of mum! Everything is so much easier to mange with two and the possibility for grown up conversation is dramatically increased. Lovely as it is to say “look A its a tree” or “ooh look A its a dog with floppy ears” this can wear a little thin with no feed back from the little one.

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