Another week with a baby


Apologises for the lateness of this post, being up north the internet doesn’t seem to work quiet as well and I haven’t had as much time to write.

The week has had the advantage of being bookended by grandparents. The first weekend saw my parents come and stay as my mum was teaching her antinatal class on saturday evening in London. The last weekend saw A, A’s mum and me travel up north for Easter and seeing family and prospective areas to live in in sunny Yorkshire.

Grandparents are very helpful creatures. On Saturday we went to lunch at Zia Lucia (as I am sure you all know already) and on Sunday the grandparents took A for all of her nap walks. This was the first day in  a long long time that I managed to get considerably less than my daily step target. The rest was fantastic. My wife and I got to spend some time together in our flat chatting, relaxing and generally having a few baby free hours and we both felt more able to face the rest of the week.


After the wonderful rest that was Sunday I felt ready and eager to get stuck back in to socialising A and talking to other adults again. A however had other ideas. In the morning we walked mum to work, as we always do, and after drop off A fell asleep and remained sleeping till about 9:45 am, missing the start of the stay and play I had hoped to go to and needing her food promptly on emerging. I thought to myself that this would not really be an issue, we could go to a stay and play in the afternoon. A again had other ideas and not only slept but after an hour and a half of pushing I brought her home and she slept for another hour in her buggy, in the flat! This hasn’t happened for a long time and I was frankly shell shocked. I sat there on the sofa not really knowing what to do with myself.

When she was awake she was lovely, we played, we ate, we generally had a really nice time. In the evening when my wife got back from work A was introduced to long-boards, I think her mum hopes she will take up the sport when she is older so they can skate together.



We actually managed to get to some stuff today. We went to a stay and play in the morning which was nice. After the stay and play A had some lunch (avocado, banana, strawberry, roast beef leftovers) after this we had the second day of a two hour nap, the last hour of which she managed at home (I could get rather used to this free time during the day!)

In the afternoon, after she woke up, I started cooking spaghetti bolognese for our dinner which A loved. She ate the spaghetti like a pro, biting down on a long piece and then sucking it up (I cut the pieces a bit smaller of course).

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