Restaurant Review – Zia Lucia

So the grandparents are visiting which is always a good excuse for a meal out. This weekend, we headed to Zia Lucia for lunch. Located on the busy Holloway Road (which has changed so much in the 6 years we have lived here: it’s practically up-market!) it is very handy for us, only about a 5 minute walk away. We pass by often and it always looks full and inviting but we’ve never ventured in.

On the face of it, Zia Lucia is a simple pizzeria with its tiled counter, wood-fired pizza oven and tightly packed tables. When we arrived it was just noon (we were dining with a baby so noon was practically a late lunch!) and there where two other families already seated: one with a baby in a high-chair and buggy parked next to the table. As we walked in, we were greeted by what I took to be the manager. She asked us to leave the buggy outside and was fairly snippy when I protested. Eventually, she relented and we parked up the buggy next to the table and got A in a high-chair.

The menu boasted a good but not intimidatingly large selection of pizzas with different doughs to choose from. The Pizzas did take some time to come, and then restaurant filled up as we sat and drank our drinks. A was good as gold and loved watching other children coming in, only occasionally trying to grab them. We had of course brought some food for A, an Ella’s, some fruit, cheese etc.

When the food did arrive, it was worth the wait! The pizza was flavourful, light and clearly authentically made. I don’t think I have had pizza as good since I was last in Rome. The base of the pizza was light and burnt in all the right places. A loved munching on some of the crusts. I had the Arianna pizza which was totally delicious and teeming with fresh made sausage, mozzarella, goats cheese and truffle honey (so none for A, don’t want her to get botulism or whatever it is you get from honey under the age of 1).

The restaurant soon filled up and I understood why we had been asked to leave the pushchair outside. It was clearly very popular with parents, all of whom where asked to leave their prams out on the street.

The food entirely made up for the less than warm welcome and an easy fix will be to leave the pram at home and bring A in the sling next time. The other great thing was the price. We had four mains, two wines and two soft drinks and two puddings for under £70 (including tip). This makes it not only rather cheaper than many chain pizza places but also considerably nicer.

Let me know if you have been to any good restaurants recently and what you and your little ones are eating these days.

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