Equipment – The Pram

So yesterday was a lot about walks in snow and getting out to the shops for essentials (pyjamas and as A seems to be growing at a rate of knots, she’s already in 12 to 18 month clothing and is only 8 months!). So a trip to Westfield shopping centre was in order. As A has grown this has meant more and more equipment with each trip. What used to be just a pram, a changing bag and a mum has grown and now includes pushchair, changing bag, food (today roasted sweet potato, cheese, cucumber and water) and toys (plastic stacking cups, a musical sheep and the teething bee – I will have to show you this one day).

The one piece of kit that I use perhaps more than any other is our Joolz Geo Ridge (limited edition John Lewis Christmas 2016 don’t-you-know). We bought this up in York the Christmas before A was born and it truly is a tank of a thing. I think it was purchased to help satisfy my protective urges and it certainly gives the impression that if anyone bumped into it with anything less than a Challenger 2 they would come off worse. It was also chosen with the promise it would be a complete travel system taking us all the way into the scary lands know as ‘toddler’ but we haven’t got that far yet.

The system starts from new born with the pram style and gave A plenty of room to stretch out and keep cool in that long hot summer last year. The hood can fold up at the head end for added ventilation which is nice in the summer.

But now it is winter and A has grown. We have moved to the reclining push chair position after A started complaining about the pram, aged about 3 months, because she wanted to see what was going on in the world.

In the sitting/reclining position and with the warm insert she is snug as a bug in a rug A is fantastically comfortable and sleeps well, which is handy as in her pushchair is the only place she will nap during the day. She enjoys watching the world go by when she isn’t napping. Its fairly easy to get her in and out of and is easily moved from reclining to sitting which has been the saviour of many walks when A suddenly decides that laying back is an affront to her very being.

Possibly the greatest advantage of the Joolz geo is the basket underneath which easily holds a large supermarket shop, a good number of clothes or at one point every size of towel imaginable from John Lewis.


On to the less good things. For a start it is huge. It doesn’t fit on busses, it takes up a large space on trains and tubes and it takes up a good part of the sitting room in our flat. It can of course fold up. But then the time and effort to set it up at least 3 times a day, for naps, seems not really worth it. Secondly, and most annoyingly, one of the front wheels has already gone rusty and squeaks loudly when moving at a steady pace. This could well be the result of pushing through snows before Christmas looking for naps but I do feel having spent the best part of a £1000 on it that it should be more of an all weather, all terrain vehicle.

So in summery


  • Its huge (this helps dad feel like he is protecting A)
  • It can fit an entire shopping trip in the basket
  • It should last us all the way to the land of toddlers
  • It adapts well to weather
  • It adapts well the A’s changing whims; lay back, sit up, turn around to face the world


  • Its huge (its not easy to get on to busses, tubes, trains and takes up lots of the sitting room)
  • It was expensive (just less than £1000 when in the sale)
  • The wheel has gone rusty at the front

Well that’s it for now, A has had a good nap, in her Joolz, we have gone to the supermarket and listened to a new audio book, but more on all that another time. A’s mum is reading an excellent book, A is babbling away and I think its time I start thinking about tidying the flat. More from me next time I get time to write.

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