Hello world

So my first blog post as a stay at home dad. I’m going to go with stay at home dad as I always think “full time dad” (or mum) sounds a bit odd, like you stop being a parent when you go to work. Anyway a stay at home dad, a SAHD. That’s me.

Its been two weeks since I left my job as a SEN teacher and one more week till my wife goes back to work so so far its been two weeks of lovely two parents at home all the time time. This also means I have not yet had to go it alone for any real length of time. That’s all to come.

As the weather has been nice we have been taking advantage of our local park and discovering Agatha’s love of swings.

As well as daddy learning how to wrap Aggie up warm with the least amount of fuss. I have also been experimenting with her wardrobe and will post more examples of my combinations as the weeks go by.

In other exciting news this last week has seen our first play date and me forging out into the world of making parent (mostly mum so far) friends. This has included experimenting with MUSH which has been fun and I look forward to getting to know people in the outside world.

Well that’s all for now, Agatha is sleeping (lets see how long that lasts!)

Till next time.

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